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Welcome to Wiley Consulting Inc.

Wiley Consulting, Inc. bridges the gap between borrowers and lenders by connecting businesses that need to acquire financing with the lenders and investors that provide it. We work with our clients to create and execute well-conceived business plans and implement other financial strategies that result in higher profitability and faster controlled growth that will take their business to the next level.
Wiley Consulting’s experience level is exceptional with all types of commercial credit and our ability to communicate with credit providers on their level is very effective. Steve Wiley is one of only a few commercial credit consultants in this area of small business consulting who fully understands the approval requirements and needs of the Underwriters, who analyze credit requests and compose the credit approval requests which are submitted for formal approval. This is due to the fact that Steve has worked extensively in each and every area of the loan production pipeline.

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Wiley Consulting, Inc. (WCI) provides 7 vital services to small business owners of all types.

  • WCI collaborates with the owners of small businesses to create realistic internal and external business plan models for them to follow like a road map to achieve steady, controlled growth and consistently increase profitability through better management of resources and operations.
  • WCI teams with management to monitor the company’s performance and make adjustments as needed, to keep the plan on track and achieve the results projected.
  • WCI helps management pinpoint areas of administration and production that need improvement so business owners better control their business instead of their business controlling them.
  • WCI connects clients in a cost effective way with resources that strengthen the management team such as access to legal support, technical consultants for specific industries and outsourcing of accounts receivable billing and collection services, without having to add staff.
  • WCI evaluates loan requests before they are submitted, just as the lender or investor would, to identify weaknesses which potentially may result in a decline or a significant delay in approval. They are then corrected or strengthened as much as possible before submission.
  • WCI serves as the applicant’s advocate and credit liaison if, after submission, requests for additional documents or information are made by the lender. This expedites the process and reduces the frustration usually experienced by the borrower dealing with underwriters on their own. More importantly, it allows the owner and managers to remain focused on revenue producing activity.
  • WCI locates credit providers who are motivated to lend or invest at various levels of risk to expedite the funding process when time is of the essence.

WCI Mission Statement

Wiley Consulting, Inc. is a privately owned commercial credit consulting firm whose mission is to:

  • Change the way that small business owners approach the task of managing their business.
  • Change the way that financial institutions view the challenge of grooming and retaining their customers who have borrowing potential but are not yet ready for loan approval.
  • Encourage the use of commercial credit consultants in order that it becomes commonplace in the small business financial marketplace.

WCI’s Practical Goals include:

  • To help small businesses position themselves to obtain and maintain the credit facilities they need to operate and grow under the most preferential terms possible.
  • To help small businesses better manage their operations, become more creditworthy and be more profitable.
  • To connect small business owners with the strategic resources they need to accomplish their financial goals.
  • To help entrepreneurs with great ideas find the financing they need to launch or grow.
  • To help credit providers connect with borrowers who are creditworthy, prepared and exhibit the financial strengths that qualify them as “bankable credits” and as a result exceed their production goals faster.
  • To help financial institutions retain their marginal customers by connecting them with a coach who understands the lender’s needs and underwriting criteria.



  • Elliott Associates, Inc.
  • Davis Street Tavern
  • Austen’s Body Shop
  • Clackamas Federal Credit Union
  • Lime Financial Services Group Ltd.
  • Pipe, Inc.
  • Isspro, Inc.
  • Whitney Financial Corporation
  • ETP Services


Direct Contact Details

Steve Wiley

Office: 503-254-9163
Mobile: 971-227-2446
Email: [email protected]