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Our Financial Partners

Accountants, Bookkeepers,  Lawyers, Lenders, Investors & Financial Services Providers

WCI works with a number of related businesses to reach their target market. These include:

Lenders and credit administrators:  

WCI understands the needs of  relationship managers and the credit administrators who are required to periodically review  financial conditions of their borrowers to insure that they continue to maintain the characteristics of lower risk businesses.  This is referred to as “risk rating”.   If a loan is to be made, the company must meet the performance standards required.  When  loans and lines of credit are renewed, those same standards must still be in evidence.  Here is what WCI does to help lenders maintain good relations with their customers.

  • Coaches the customer to help them achieve the financial picture that credit providers wish to see which promotes and  maintains friendly and growing relationships.
  • Facilitates the application process and help lenders book more business faster.
  • Understands the needs of credit providers and can communicate that message in a more “user friendly” manner than the lenders can directly.
  • Brings the client back to the negotiation table when there is a disconnect.
  • Finds low cost solutions to strengthen the client’s management teams which reduces risk to the lender in their underwriting analyses.
  • Turns potential borrowers into “bankable”credits for loans without losing the client to another financial institution.

Financial Service Providers:

Financial Advisers and Investment  Counselors  want to help small business owners become more profitable in order that they might invest more money with their companies  for retirement planning.  They also want to help their clients increase the value of their  businesses so that when it is time to sell them as a part of their retirement strategy, they maximize the sales price and net proceeds. WCI provides expertise  to small businesses that result in increased profitability and increased value.  That is why referring a company that is performing marginally to a commercial credit consultant such as WCI is a very good strategy.

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Attorneys and Investors:

Accountants and bookkeepers look at financial statements all day long.  When those financial statements do not reflect strong operating results, an opportunity arises to connect them with a business coach to help improve those results.  When WCI’s analysis of a company’s financial statements reveals errors in the way the company’s books are set up, an opportunity exists to refer them to these same bookkeepers.  

Attorneys are often asked by entrepreneurs to help them with the paperwork required to set up new businesses.  When the economy is weak and jobs scarce, more and more individuals start new businesses. WCI can help those companies with the financial modeling required to build a successful and profitable operation that will last.  WCI refers business owners to attorneys as the need arises.

Investors are constantly looking for the next big thing.  They may be long-term or short-term participants. Their motivations vary  but most of them have a need  for financial specialists to help those with good ideas develop and nurture their plans before a formal presentation is made. WCI provides this service.

Building referral relationships is an effective way for businesses to work together for mutual goals.